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A Personal letter from Jeffrey Abbott – Owner and Founder of Kinetic Thoughts.

First, I would like to thank each and every person that has helped myself and Kinetic Thoughts realize my dream of helping small businesses achieve success. To each client, employee, freelancer, and each partnering company we have ever worked with, thank you. Without you, that dream would not have been realized.

 Helping entrepreneurs with their technology systems and processes has always been the mantra when we started over a decade ago. Through various ups and downs, including a partial four-year hiatus while I went to work at a local marketing agency, that mantra has never wavered. The love of technology, business, and innovation makes this a not a vocation, but a calling. Again, I am thankful for that.

That said, I will make you a promise to work with you, your employees, your strategic business and service providers to help you realize your success through the most appropriate technology, systems and process design. I promise to always act as your fiduciary, only applying systems and technology where the benefits are best obtained.


Jeffrey Abbott

Kinetic Thoughts Co-Founder and Owner


Jeffrey Abbott,  Kinetic Thoughts Co-Founder and Owner

Jeffrey Abbott is a veteran technologist, process enthusiast, and small business owner that has applied his trade to multiple industries, including marketing, manufacturing, various service industries and hospitality.

Holding multiple degrees in computer technology, systems analysis, business and creativity studies, he couples this education and hands-on experience to best hone your digital transformation efforts.

He can aptly translate the geek-speak into appropriate analogies to easily explain complex concepts and unlike many IT or technology professionals he is comfortable with the people first aspects needed for small business. He works with IT and other businesses partners like marketing, accounting, and finance well because he understands the different aspects of running and owning a small  business.

Jeffrey’s resume.


Jessica Abbott, Kinetic Thoughts Co-Founder and Owner

Jessica Abbott is a veteran administrator and manager of the medical industry. She applies this experience to helping our medical-based cliental with small practices efficiently design their back-office processes and billing mechanisms.

Her experience in various electronic medical record systems and multiple insurance payment systems, her experience can be effective in streamlining your medial back-office administration.

She has years of experience helping employees accept and learn new business processes during their company’s digital transformations.

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